Our mission at NFA PRO is to facilitate lawful ownership of NFA items by providing robust, high quality NFA gun trusts at an affordable price. We like to think that in this way, we are doing our small part to help Americans exercise their natural, constitutional and civil rights. Furthermore, a portion of our profits will be donated to gun rights advocacy organizations, including the NRA and the American Suppressor Association.


We believe in giving our customers the most for their money. For that reason, in addition to providing the most comprehensive living revocable NFA trusts available on the market, we also provide our customers with valuable resources and forms that will be useful as they manage their trusts.

We also provide our customers with more options for customization than any of our competitors – without additional fees. For instance, we offer you the ability to appoint a spouse as a co-settlor, and to make your trust “multi-generational”.


We provide a range of legal* and consulting services for owners of NFA items, such as:

  • Providing assistance with submitting NFA applications
  • Guidance on Form 5 Process (inheritance of NFA items)
  • Amending or correcting existing NFA trusts

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*Subject to state licensing requirements and availability of local co-counsel, where required.